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Flexible home care solutions and peace of mind for families

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Specialty care for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

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Respite services for the family caregiver.

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Live-In Caregivers

Live-in Care Toronto

  • Constant companionship and care
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Peace of mind for families

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dementia Care Toronto

  • Specially trained staff for responsive behaviours
  • Person-centred care for your loved one
  • Expert dementia coaching

In-Home Nursing

Home Care Toronto

  • Companionship and meal preparation.
  • Personal care and hygiene.
  • Post-operative care.

Celebrating over 20 years of award-winning service!

Home Care Services Toronto & North York

Our home care services include friendly visiting and companionship, meal preparation, personal care, foot care, nursing services, live-in care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and palliative care. We offer respite to family caregivers as well as ‘Assisted Living at Home’.

personal care services

Personal Home Care Services

Personal care home care services are delivered by trained personal support workers (PSWs) who help your loved one with the personal care of bathing, dressing, grooming, changing incontinence briefs, and feeding. Our personal support workers are fully screened, police checked, bonded, and insured. Because we offer customized care, we can combine personal care services with doing laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and companionship to better serve your needs. For more information about our personal care home health care services, please see our Levels of Personal Care.

homemaking services

Home Making Services

Meal preparation is a needed home care service for many seniors. Families need the peace of mind that their loved ones are eating properly. We can provide a home cooked meal, prepared to their tastes and preferences. Our caregivers arrive and cook the meal, and sit with the client to provide company while the meal is eaten. Having company while eating is a wonderful pleasure for someone who spends many hours alone in their home, or after enduring loneliness after a spouse has died.

companion care services

Assisted Living Toronto

Our friendly visiting and companionship home care service occurs when personal care is not required. Companionship while grocery shopping, escorting or accompaniment to medical appointments, and providing company to decrease loneliness are all activities that we perform under our companionship service.  Clients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease needing light dementia care receive companionship service. Family members or spouses who worry about leaving their loved one alone, or are concerned about their safety can use our companionship service.  We can help you keep your loved one safe and engaged when you cannot be there yourself.

foot care services

Foot care services

Receive foot care in the comfort of your own home by our qualified foot care nurses. No need to have any equipment or prepare for our visit, our foot care nurses bring all of the equipment needed to care for your loved one’s feet. Foot care performed by a qualified foot care nurse is an important consideration when caring for people with diabetes. Please see our in-home nursing foot care page for more information.

live-in home care service

Live-in Caregiver

Our live-in care home health care service is a specialty home care service of Retire-At-Home Toronto and North York. Our PSWs will live in your loved one’s home. The PSW will work during the day providing personal care, meal preparation, companionship and light housekeeping. The live-in caregiver is expected to sleep at night.  For more information about our live-in caregiver home health service please visit our live-in caregiver page.

dementia and alzheimers care

Alzheimer’s and dementia care

We specialise in private Alzheimer’s and dementia care. In accordance with the advice of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, we deliver person centred care to our clients. Our dementia coach can help direct the best care and support for your family and loved one. We support the family caregiver and understand that the demands of caregiving can take its toll on their physical health, mental fatigue, and social support.

palliative home care

Palliative Home Care Solutions

For end-of-life aid we can deliver support with palliative care. We can help you with in-home palliative care, in the hospital, in a retirement home, assisted living facility, or long term care facility. Personal care, companionship, and respite are offered under our palliative care health care services. Please see our home care services palliative care page for more information.

assisted home care service

Assisted Living at Home 

The term ‘assisted living’ usually brings to mind living in an assisted living residence. There are a wide range of assisted living facilities in Toronto, from basic accommodation to luxurious.  As welcoming as these residences may be, some people who need assisted living still want to stay within the comfort of their own home.  We can deliver assisted living services in your own home, please visit our Assisted Living at Home page to learn more.

Featured On the From A Woman’s Perspective

Featured On the From A Woman’s Perspective

Retire-At-Home Services is a recurring guest on Marilyn Wetston’s show “From A Woman’s Perspective” which airs every Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. on 740 AM Zoomer Radio. Marilyn and her guests share their knowledge and experience on topics like Senior Home Care, Real Estate, Investments and Accessibility options in the home. Retire-At-Home Services is proud to be a part of Marilyn’s team. Listen live each Saturday or check the archive to hear our segment.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your support the past couple of months. What a lifeline you and your team have been to me. Your compassion permeates your entire operation. I'm grateful that the harshness of my mum's final couple of months were made so much more pleasant because of the loving care from Aida [our caregiver].

Barbara, East York


Barbara, East York

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your suppor View Full →
We were delighted to hire Ryan and his Retire-At-Home team of compassionate caregivers to help us during the times when our family was away for the weekend. The companions were wonderful and very caring, I never had to worry about whether they were there, I just knew that it was all taken care of and my mother would be visited and cared for. The care is exceptional and flexibility is very important to me.

Eleonora, Rosedale


Eleonora, Rosedale

We were delighted to hire Ryan and his Retire-At-Home t View Full →
I can’t say enough good things about Retire-At-Home! Ryan and the staff of this wonderful company have always been professional, responsive, caring and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Due to the dedication of these amazing people, my 94-year-old father has been able to remain in the comfort of his own home, rather than being moved to an unfamiliar environment. Thank you, Retire-At-Home!

Debby, New York City (for my Father in Etobicoke)


Debby, New York City (for my Father in Etobicoke)

I can’t say enough good things about Retire-At-Home! Ry View Full →
This wonderful organization came to my attention through a friend who handed me the flyer. Ryan Blackwell, Executive Director, responded immediately to my phone call and came to our house to meet me and my ailing husband. Thank God for Ryan! He carefully provided us with the perfect match for my husband’s care. He remains a practical and emotional support. Natasha, our care-giver from Retire-At-Home, is patient, kind, intelligent, practical, highly competent and fun. We consider her a member of our family.

Karen, Cabbage Town


Karen, Cabbage Town

This wonderful organization came to my attention throug View Full →
I just read the briefing and it broke my heart...but I am ready to do what I do best, take care of her as if she was my own flesh and blood. Hopefully my years of experience will help and make a difference for both client and daughter.

NM, Retire-At-Home PSW. Responding to a briefing about a new client


NM, Retire-At-Home PSW. Responding to a briefing about a new client

I just read the briefing and it broke my heart…bu View Full →
On behalf of our entire family, I would like to say how much your service has meant to us and our parents.  No doubt you will recall the “pushback” we experienced from my father when we attempted to introduce your service.  Back then, his pride and stubbornness was impeding his ability to see the importance of the help we were trying to provide Mom.  More recently, after watching Mom deteriorate so quickly over the last few months, he has seen the benefit of the care that you and the caregivers can provide. A few days ago, he admitted to me that we made all the right choices for them.

Please extend our sincerest thanks to all of the caregivers you sent our way.  It’s clear to us that you have a staff of professionals that dedicate their lives and careers to helping others.  It’s rare to see employees so dedicated to their work.

- Anthony P.
On behalf of our entire family, I would like to say how View Full →
My father-in-law speaks very highly of his caregiver Kristine. He really likes her particularly because she doesn't dash out as soon as everything is done as his last caregivers (from a previous company) did and he quite enjoys her companionship and cooking.

I am glad I found you when I did. I have complete trust in your company which I became not to have with the previous company.  They were too big and too corporate for such a personal service. I never knew who to talk to and his caregivers were constantly rotating.  I have no hesitation recommending Retire-At-Home!

- Sandra in East York
My father-in-law speaks very highly of his caregiver Kr View Full →

Choosing Home Care Toronto and North York

Retire-At-Home Services Toronto and North York would like to be your ‘care partner’. We would like to work with you to deliver care to your loved one, and help you with the caregiving journey. Our clients speak with our social worker to gain support and information about caregiver burnout, supporting themselves through caregiving, and receiving an encouraging word about the way forward.

We know how difficult it is to choose a home care service provider. Retire-At-Home Services works closely with clients, and we will do our best to help you and your family. Our system is 100% accredited with Accreditation Canada, and we have been delivering excellent senior care since 1994. To learn more about us and give you better peace of mind, see our Home Care Toronto page.

Our highly trained PSWs can be a source of reliable care for your loved one while the family caregiver takes respite time to recuperate and recharge. In addition to providing respite for the family caregiver, we can provide information about programming, activities, and support groups available in the community.


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As a home care services agency, we are constantly adding resources to our site.  Please feel free to browse our information to help you care for your loved one:

  • Transportation: Getting around Toronto can be a challenge even when you are physically and mentally well. If you have mobility challenges, or are not driving due to early dementia or sight problems, it can feel isolating. As a home care agency, we want to help Toronto and North York seniors get out and continue to live life. Check out our Senior-friendly transportation blog post and see what options you have for getting around the city.


  • Private dementia care: It is never easy to decide that professional (paid help from non-family and friends) is needed to come into the home and care for your loved one. When caring for a family member who has dementia, many families are 4 or 5 years before hiring help. By this time, the primary family caregiver will be showing signs of burnout, beginning to miss out of regular social events, and begin to be tired from the vigilance that is needed for everyday life.  Our blog post describing how home care can be used during the various stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia may help you visualise or plan the support you need.  Private dementia care can benefit the caregiver, giving needed respite.

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