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Call us now for any questions you have about our home care services!  We want to provide you with quality care for your loved one. We come to you: in your own home, in a retirement home, in the hospital, or in a long term care facility.

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Director of Retire-At-Home Services, Toronto West


My name is Jill Aitken, and I am the owner of Retire-At-Home Services, Toronto West. I am the main point of contact for my business; the planner, the problem solver, and the trouble shooter. My favourite part of my business is getting to know my clients and their families. I consider it a great privilege to be invited into your home and to be entrusted with the care of your loved one.

I help my clients as much as I can, going above and beyond to maximize their quality of life, and to give peace of mind to their loved ones. Growing up in a house where my family had lived for generations, my next-door neighbours on either side were elderly relatives. When I was a toddler, I used to sneak out of my crib early in the morning to visit my great Aunt Annie.

I don’t know if she appreciated these rambunctious wake-up calls, but she did delight in the company of a little child. Our neighbour on the other side of the property was my beloved grandmother, and it was through her that I had my first exposure to the benefits of in-home seniors’ care. After she turned 80, she suffered a stroke. She was a fighter, and returned home from the hospital to battle her way back from paralysis.

A dedicated hired caregiver allowed her the independence to stay in her own comfortable home.   My own father suffered a stroke as a much younger man, leaving him permanently disabled. This was a terrible trauma for our whole family. As part of my father’s ongoing care, male personal support workers came into our home to bathe, groom, and exercise him.

It was critically important to us that these carers should be reliable and trustworthy. Our family really relied on these men, and years later I remember them, and am still thankful for their faithful service to us. My Retire-At-Home Toronto West staff—the companions, personal support workers, and nurses that I hire—are exceptional people that really stand out from the crowd to me.

I only hire people who are sincerely compassionate towards seniors, who have a genuine calling to care for others, who have an excellent work ethic, and who are absolutely trustworthy. When I am interviewing an applicant,I imagine myself confined to my bed, and I ask myself, “Would I want this person in my home, looking after me if I could no longer take care of myself?” I don’t hire anyone unless the answer to that question is yes.

Together with my staff, I strive to deliver the support and care that families want for their loved ones, but aren’t always able to provide on their own.Please contact me or CALL 416-479-9659, with any questions you have.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you to provide care for your family.

retireathome services, toronto west  retireathome services, toronto west

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